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dexterMark Leishman
Dexterity Productions Ltd

Dexterity Productions Ltd is a television production company owned by Mark Leishman and Jo Raymond. Our current productions include a series called Road to the Young Farmer Final and The ANZ Young Farmer Contest. These programmes cover seven regional finals from Northland to Southland and involve a crew travelling to each of the finals and filming the process of finding the finalists for the Young Farmer Contest Grand Final.
Duncan McCann has worked with us as Field Producer / Director on numerous occasions in various parts of the country and he has always provided an extremely professional and reliable service.

One of his roles is interviewing, on camera, young farmers competing in the contest. These young men and women are often ill at ease in this situation, but Duncan has the ability to make them feel relaxed and comfortable and able to answer questions about their lives and their involvement in farming.

His depth of knowledge and experience in the media makes him the perfect person to step in and provide for us a seamless expertise in what is a very specialised area.


Andy McGrath
Afterglow Ltd

“When a company has a rough idea of where they want to go, Duncan gets to know their market implicitly and provides the steps get their message out there. You can’t underestimate the worth that this brings to our company and our clients.

Since 2004 Afterglow has been providing film & video for broadcasters both in NZ and overseas, including high-level corporate companies. Duncan McCann has been part of this journey all the way through. Our clients have come to know him as part of our team and an integral factor in setting the Waka heading in the right direction.

For Afterglow, we are left with the knowledge that Duncan can be relied upon to be brought into any project no matter how large, and deliver.”


farrowDr Angie Farrow
Associate Professor , Massey University

I have known Duncan for over a decade.  During that time, he has demonstrated a passion for community growth and particularly for the arts and student culture in his roles as Campus Arts Administrator and Student City Coordinator.

Duncan’s vision and strategic abilities have meant that his leadership has always been robust and convincing. He sees the big picture and has the strategic skills to make things happen and to forge new direction. People listen to him. He has a special drive and love for what he does. This can be infectious. He loves people. He has served selflessly to give people a greater quality of life through cultural engagement. He is a generous and eloquent communicator.  He has the power to change hearts and minds and the ability to make a difference. He gets my vote!


Stephen Bell-Booth
Bell Booth- Ltd Palmerston North

“Duncan’s ability to big-picture a project has been a valuable asset to Bell-Booth. I’ve worked with Duncan on a number of projects over the past 6 years from marketing Queen of Calves and Holm & Laue, DVD concept and production, organizing us an award winning National Fieldays display, to our company websites. Duncan is good fun to work with, he’s smart, savvy and uncomplicated.”


psathasJohn Psathas
Composer/ Professor
NZ School of Music

New Zealand art music label, Rattle Records, undertook the production of a combined CD/ DVD package featuring 3 groundbreaking concertos from New Zealandʼs most successful international composer John Psathas with The NZSO. This album was the largest scale recording to take place in NZ history and required extensive funding and sponsorship.

“Duncanʼs acute sensitivity to potential opportunities coupled with his abilities in maximising them to their fullest resulted in a number of occasions where we received very high-level media and political endorsement. One such example is the gifting by New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Cark of View From Olympus to US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

Duncanʼs achievements in conceiving and coordinating the strategy whereby over a quarter of a million dollars of support was generated is nothing short of miraculous. His engagement in the project introduced a degree of creative vision and long-range planning which was much needed and is currently paying large dividends.

Duncanʼs role included developing relationships and liaising with the Mayor of Wellingtonʼs Office, Positively Business Wellington, the Prime Ministerʼs Office, The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, The US Embassy, Creative New Zealand, Victoria University of Wellington, the main venues in Wellington (Town Hall and the Michael Fowler Centre), as well as individual sponsors and philanthropists.

Duncan demonstrated an incredibly highly developed skill set that enabled him to offer the kind of creative vision and project management that is of strategic value to the entire arts sector.”


bronwynBronwyn Zimmerman
Zimmerman Art Gallery

“I have worked closely with Duncan McCann over the past year on the Board of the Palmerston North Community Arts Council Inc.

In his role as Chairperson, Duncan has successfully navigated Community Arts through a major strategic review, as well as guiding the organisation through a period of substantial structural and resourcing change. He has provided a strong sense of focus and direction, while remaining receptive to the opinions and ideas of others.

Through a consultative and inclusive leadership style, Duncan has brought considerable skill and energy to the Board. He has effectively harnessed the varied skills of other Board members, producing an engaged and proactive management team, who work together with a united focus.

I have enjoyed serving on a Board under Duncan’s leadership, and believe he has the passion, commitment and ability to represent our City, and to respond to the diverse needs and interests of our residents and ratepayers.”


bulletDean Ruscoe
Chief Executive Officer
Bullet Freight Systems Ltd

“When Bullet Freight launched our overnight delivery service from Auckland to Christchurch Duncan did a fantastic job writing and producing a quality TV Commercial that has become the cornerstone of Bullet Freight’s marketing for the last 3 years.
It is accounts for about 80% of our customer enquiries. When the commercial runs on television our web hits increase from an average of 16,000 per month to 43,000. When it’s on our phones run red hot and it has helped gain us a huge amount of highly valuable client contracts thanks to the brand equity it has created”


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