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Duncan is married to Sharon and lives in Awapuni with Blake, who turns 5 in October. They are delighted to have a new arrival expected for December.

Over the last 25 years Duncan has worked as a professional Strategist, Creative Director, Cultural & Recreational Co-ordintor and a Producer for Events & TV. He has worked for many local, national and international businesses and delivered many award winning projects.

That passion has been put to good use for the city over the last three terms as we have embraced our opportunities and this year the City’s new Vision & Strategy was recognised by Local Government, winning their Excellence Award.

Duncan is the current Chairperson for PNCC Planning & Strategy Committee, Chair of the Creative NZ Funding Committee and Deputy Chair of Sport & Recreation Committee. He leads the Digital & Technology Portfolio and supports the Environment & Sustainability and Children & Families Portfolios and is also an accredited RMA Commissioner. He is also your elected representative on Project Steering Groups for Digital Transformation, Nature Calls Wastewater and He Ara Kotahi.

Duncan was an instigator for He Ara Kotahi, the new cycle pedestrian bridge and pathway and has seen the project through from inception to its opening in June. This unique project has demonstrated the value and the success of partnerships. Working together effectively with Massey, Defense, Iwi, Private-Sector, Local, Regional and Central Government, connecting our communities with a culturally inspired design and narrative, giving the city a $19m asset with only a $7m of ratepayers money, offering extraordinary value and connecting our communities.

After working at Massey University between 1998-2004 as Campus Arts & Activities Administrator and being appointed as the inaugural Student City Coordinator from 2004-2006 he has a strong connection to the sector and in those years was able to help develop the free student bus scheme, free student wi-fi and the forming of Student City itself. The connection between the University Campus and the City was a matter of unfinished business and as the student representative on the City’s Walkways Advisory Group in the late 90’s Duncan first saw the potential of a cycle pedestrian bridge. Since being elected to council in 2011 has investigated, championed, pursued and seen the project delivered in a few short years.

One of the driving factors of initially standing for Palmerston North was a determination to re-build the city’s relationship with the river. In his first campaign Duncan talked about how the city had built itself with its back to the river. Since then he has been very active in addressing the balance seeing in a City River Park Framework Plan that has encapsulated a new relationship with the river space and our access points and adjoining reserves.

Duncan has been an advocate for the city on the River Leaders Accord for the last 9 years and played an instrumental role in getting PNCC out of court with Horizons Regional Council and into a process of investigating the best practicable option for the future of the city’s wastewater. As one of 4 elected representatives on the wastewater project known as “Nature Calls” he has ensured that the process has been robust, thorough and hopes to complete the project which he describes as “the single biggest capital investment in the city’s history and a sign of our commitment to our environment and creating long term sustainable solutions with a smaller ecological footprint.”

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