Vote #1 for Council

Kia Ora Tatou

I am a third term City Councillor committed to helping make Palmerston North an exciting, vibrant, prosperous and more resilient city.

I am passionate about having an inclusive city that provides unparalleled access and opportunities for affordable recreation, sport, arts, culture and entertainment.

I am committed to enhancing our natural environment, embracing the Manawatu River and enhancement of our walkways, parks and reserves.

I believe that the more we succeed in creating the little (and some big) things that make this a great place to live, the more successful our economy will be and the easier it will be for business to attract talent and investment.

Please help me continue more positive work for the city with your vote.

  • If you LOVE He Ara Kotahi, our new bridge & shared pathway
  • If you LOVE under 5’s and caregivers can now swim free
  • If you LOVE our emerging River Park, shared pathways and green corridors
  • If you LOVE Councillor Portfolios helping us work with your community of interest
  • If you LOVE to see effective partnerships and successful attraction of external investment, saving ratepayer money and delivering positive citywide development & managed growth.

With your support I will continue to champion the ideas and plans that make Palmerston North an even better place to live, work and play.

Re-Elect Duncan McCann for Palmerston North City Council

Authorised by D McCann, 40 Kettle Ave, Awapuni, Palmerston North


Authorised by Duncan McCann, 40 Kettle Ave, PN

5 thoughts on “Vote #1 for Council

  1. Hello Duncan,
    I hope that you will support having a natural cemetery in the area. It would be good to have that option locally. I would like to push up trees rather than sit in a box after I pass on.

  2. Hi Caro, That’s not good and I apologise sincerely. We contracted the delivery of our flyers to the same people who deliver the Guardian newspaper. It sounds like there has been a problem there and I’ll be following up with them. As it happen I could really do with some more flyers so if you have’t tossed them out in disgust would you mind telling me where you are and I’ll come pick them up? reply via the site or email me at

  3. Well done Duncan,

    I was just talking to some kuia from Rangitane and they said they enjoyed your korero today and will defintely be voting for you, they liked –

    Your depth of knowledge
    Your breadth of knowledge
    You mentioned cultural kaupapa
    You have a very reassuring way of speaking
    It is obvious you give a shit

    Was rushed in his approach
    Generic kaupapa – no real topics
    Seemed Insincere

    Good man but unfortunately old hat

    All the best I’ll be voting for you and tell the whanau to vote for you – go hard Bro!

    Daniel Kawana – 36 yrs old – Palmerstonian, Rangitane Iwi

  4. Hi Duncan

    You noticed the spelling mistake on your home page? Papaioea is the right spelling I think.

    It was interesting to listen to all the discussions at lunchtime.

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